Watch It Play It Support It


There are plenty of ways to help at your local rugby club:


As a parent: help with herding the players; perhaps offer to help with the laundry if the club hasn't got the facilities; be a touch judge; be a pitch warden (keeping other parents off the pitches and a safe distance back); offer support with the work involved in setting up a tournament; help with transport or admin.


The club itself is almost certainly run by volunteers - can you offer help or specialist knowledge that they could use?


Can you still play? Do they have a Vets team, or a touring party. How's your photography skills; can you handle a video camera and make DVDs?


Can you decorate, frame pictures, repair a leaking tap? How about manning the gate on 1st XV match days?


There are literally hundreds of ways to offer as little or as much time/effort as you like to keep a club viable. Even if it's as simple as buying a cup of tea while you watch your little ones train. It all helps.



Being a coach or a referee is vital too.


The game wouldn't be able to run without referees.


A lot of referees are past players who have retired due to age or injury - many are also enthusiasts for the game.


There are even well established career paths for aspirant refs - see more here.



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