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The Laws of Rugby Union can be seen as complicated and detailed - and they are.


However, we are fortunate that whether we are playing in an under 7s game or a world cup final, the laws, by and large, will be the same.


There has been careful crafting of the laws in the modern game so that they reflect the spirit of the sport, its players and supporters.


The laws evolve to reflect age, gender, different forms of the game (Touch, 7s etc) and also consideration to ability, safety and well-being.


The laws also serve to protect the unique parts of the game such as scrums, lineouts, rucks etc.


The bedrock of the laws as they stand reflect rugby's core values:


Integrity - Passion - Solidarity - Discipline - Respect


The RFU website has some great narrative around these themes and really explains why the laws should be under constant review so they can enable the game to be enjoyed by players, officials, spectators and coaches alike.


You can get a free, up to date copy of the laws from here and they are also on apps for smart phones and tablets.





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