Watch It Play It Support It

If your little ones have decided that they want to play rugby - where do you start?


It might well be that you have played rugby yourself and inspired your children to become rugby players (fingers crossed not to be a scrum half - only joking!)


It might be that they have seen rugby 7s on the TV or watched a 6 nations match and been inspired.


Or maybe their school has given them a taste but can't offer it all year or they need more coaching or competition - what happens then?


The best place to find great facilities,coaches, fun and a whole field of new friends (in my humble opinion) is your local rugby club.


You will be warmly welcomed and will soon understand why people feel passionate about this wonderful sport - rugby people are great!


You can find your nearest club here.


I'd advise popping along to watch a game at your local club, or maybe having a look at their mini & junior training - usually on a Sunday morning from about 10am. Take your youngster with you and say hi to anyone you meet.


In my experience it has wonderful for my son to mix with kids from across the city of his own age and interest - a broader circle of friends never hurt anyone. I have to say that it applied to mums & dads too!


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