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Welcome to RugbyDad


Whether it’s about the game, its history, the laws, training, coaching, playing, equipment, injuries, kit & clothes or how to see the game and enjoy it more - this is the place for you!



There’s even information on how to become a referee.


I started playing rugby with my local club’s 4th XV about 5 years ago. I’d always enjoyed watching rugby, I’d played a bit at school and at university but never to any great standard.


One Sunday I was jogging around the pitches while my son was U13s training; his coach wandered over and asked if I’d like to play for the Vets as they were always looking for ‘older’ players. I agreed and with some nerves restarted my rugby career after a break of about 20 years!


So, with nearly 4 decades of watching, supporting, playing and enjoying rugby this website is a resource of all that I’ve found useful - I hope you do too.


On the left you’ll find links to each section, have a look around. All suggestions for content and feedback are very welcome - please get in touch!


Rugby Dad


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